Yasmin’s aspirations and ambitions are ones we hear many times at enrolment sessions.

Yasmin would like to improve her self-confidence and gain the qualifications that will help her to access higher education so that she can improve her future job prospects. What makes Yasmin stand out is the resilience and determination she shows to try to achieve these personal goals.

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While studying with BAES Shaunette has experienced very difficult living conditions and personal issues which would have overwhelmed many people.

However, throughout all this turmoil she has shown great resilence and amazing determination to continue to attend her sewing classes at Sparkhill Centre. 

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While studying as a Life Coach Shaista also started another journey of learning.

Having first started a sewing course at beginners level she is now nearing completion of her Sewing – Level 2 qualification.

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Charlee would like to be a Graphic Designer for TV and Film.

Ideally running her own company and making graphic props, posters, and promotional materials. So far at BAES she has completed Graphic Design - Level 1 and made such fantastic progress she is now on the Level 2 course.

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Shabnum has recently completed her GCSE Biology and Level 2 maths courses.

Shabnum first came to BAES when was studying on a Childhood Studies University course and needed to achieve Level 2 maths and GCSE Biology. These studies though, like many others, were disrupted and complicated by Covid-19 and lockdowns.

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A former social worker from Hungary, Adrienn’s goal is to get a job as a Care Worker.

She also wants to gain confidence in her English so that she can express herself fluently in work and everyday life.

Before starting with BAES Adrienn hadn’t been to an ESOL class for five years, but she has approached the challenge with dedication and determination.

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Nura has attended ESOL classes at Stone Hall for the last two years.

Her goal is to be able to improve her job prospects and to live life independently. Over the two years she has been with us she has faced many personal issues – including becoming homeless.

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Nothing was going to get in the way of Ketanya's goal of becoming a nurse.

Ketanya started studying with Birmingham Adult Education Service in 2013 at the Handsworth Fire Station; she initially started with level 1 English and Maths classes.

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As a young child in Somalia, Farhiya was unable to attend school due to the civil war in her country.

When she moved to the UK as a teenager, she found she was unable to keep up with the work and soon dropped out of school.

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When Noora started a Pre-Entry ESOL course with us last September she had a very low level of English.

However, she was extremely motivated to learn the language so she could help her young son with his schoolwork. She wants to be there for him during parents’ evenings and assemblies and to understand and immerse herself in his educational journey. For herself, she also dreams of becoming a Nursery Nurse as she loves working with children.

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Catherine is mother to three children under 10 years old, with her youngest being under 5.

She works incredibly hard to make sure that her children have the best of everything. She ensures they complete their home-work and they also attend Chinese school to learn how to speak Mandarin (Catherine’s mother tongue).

Read more: Motivated by her desire to help and care for others

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Like many of our ESOL learners, Iram’s goal is to improve her communication skills.

While she is keen to become a more active parent to her children she also dreams of starting and building her own garment business.

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Bernadette is a busy grandmother with 17 grandchildren ranging in ages from 2 to 24 years.

Her goal is to be better in her use of maths and English as she would love to be able to help her grandchildren with their schoolwork.

Read more: Overcoming the past to create a brighter future

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Odette is a single mother with three boys to raise.

She joined her first course with BAES when she joined a Family Learning course at Sladefield Infant School. Several courses later and having regained some of her confidence she talked to her tutor about what she could do next.

Read more: Odette doesn’t just like her new job – she loves it!

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Alaa is a refugee from Syria and spent 6 months in The Jungle refugee camp in Calais.

While there he chose to volunteer as a cook for a charity that provided meals for his fellow refugees. This experience inspired him to become a chef.

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Karline and Sabina are two busy moms with children at St Anne’s Catholic School in Birmingham.

Thinking it would be good to take part in some fun learning activities with their children, they joined a Creative Families course as part of our Family Learning programme at the school.

Read more: Inspired to start their own creative businesses

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Aisha has just completed a Dressmaking - Level 2 qualification course at Saltley Centre.

She is a mother of six children and also remains very involved with the lives of her 10 grandchildren.

Read more: Using her passion and knowledge to help others

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Mark first completed a degree in Music in his early twenties.

He then completed a PGCE so he could teach music in secondary schools. Ultimately though, this was not the right career for him.

Read more: Showing the strength to follow his dreams

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Robert has previously worked in a variety of finance and office jobs.

Back in 2020, he decided to start an accounting software course at our Stone Hall Centre. However, like for many others, the COVID pandemic disrupted his plans to complete his studies. As the world shifted online, a major problem for Robert to continue his studies was he did not have the necessary IT equipment at home to join classes.

Read more: Determined to not let lockdown get in the way

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Bettie is motivated by a desire to make her mum and her nan proud

She is also driven by her determination to show her gratitude to the NHS staff who have saved her life on countless occasions and to be inspirational to people suffering from life threatening conditions.

Read more: Empowered to make her dreams come true

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Abdulrashid is a qualified optometrist who graduated from University in Norway.

To return to his chosen profession in the UK he knows he will need to gain UK recognised qualifications such as IELTs or Functional Skills English and Maths at level 2.

Read more: A clear vision of a new life in the UK

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