Pride and Prejudice

Stereotypes and Biases

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to identify what unconscious bias is and explores strategies on how to overcome our own unconscious bias.

Learners will  

  • understand what the terms stereotypes and biases mean.
  • identify common stereotypes and biases
  • explore how stereotypes and biases play out in real life and the media through case study work and research projects
  • find ways to challenge stereotypes and biases

Racism and Sexism

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to address racism and sexism and how it impacts on us in different ways.

Learners will

  • explore the terms racism and sexism
  • understand why these social ills still exist and how they impact on daily life
  • explore high profile cases involving racism and sexism
  • recognise the legislation regarding racism and sexism and how it protects us
  • develop strategies to challenge racist and sexist views

Cultural Pride

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to empower learners to explore and share their culture with others. It raises awareness of the positivity of individuality and how it impacts our communities to create pride and a sense of belonging.

Learners will

  • share their culture with others through various mediums
  • discuss how their culture relates/differs to British culture
  • create craft relating to their culture

Culture Tasters 

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course provides learners with the opportunity to explore culture from around the world.

Learners will

  • learn about different cultural norms
  • explore food and diet in various cultures.
  • learn about famous cultural landmarks from all over the world
  • explore language in different cultures

Debating Skills 

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: Explore positive and effective debating skills which challenge stereotypes, biases, racism, sexism and more.

Learners will

  • identify the skills needed to debate effectively (pace, tone, clarity, preparedness etc)
  • reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan to address these
  • research controversial debate worthy topics
  • participate in live class debates on these topics

Pride and Prejudice Champions (Workshops)

Content: Research the impact of prejudice views and how to address these aspects positively.

Learners will

  • take part in researching and project planning on their chosen topic from the Pride and Prejudice package.
  • develop strategies to address prejudicial, bias and stereotypical views.
  • have the opportunity to deliver workshops on their topic (volunteering)

Course requirements

Learners will need access to a tablet/laptop/smartphone or PC. They will also need an email address and access to the internet.

What could these courses lead to?

On completion of these courses all learners will receive a certificate of achievement. At the end of the course, we will provide information about other learning opportunities and courses for adults to join in the local area.

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