Sub-contracting with BAES

Management and Fees Policy

1. Introduction

Birmingham City Council’s Adult Education Service (BAES) currently works with schools, colleges, third sector organisations and local community groups to deliver a range of learning opportunities for adults, families and communities across Birmingham.

Service delivery is a combination of provision delivered by BAES directly and provision which is sub-contracted with a range of partner organisations. In 2018 BAES set up a three year subcontractor framework and all opportunities are firstly offered to eligible organisations successfully registered on the framework. All opportunities are advertised on Find it in Birmingham and interested organisations should register there for email alerts when opportunites arise.

BAES is funded mainly through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The Council is responsible for the delivery of the provision in accordance with any specific requirements of the ESFA and the pre-qualification questionnaire and invitation to tender completed by the Council as the contract holder.

This policy outlines the management charges and fees for those Providers who are subcontracted by the Council to deliver Community Learning and accredited programmes funded by the Adult Skills Budget.

BAES encourages a relationship with its providers from one that extends beyond the definitions of the contract to one which operates in a spirit of support, guidance, co-working, transparency and challenge, where necessary, in order to drive improvements and to ensure the best possible outcomes for learners.

This policy is reviewed annually.

2. Fees and Charges

    2.1 BAES recognises the need to sub-contract provision, in some instances, to ensure that it -
  • Actively responds to a wide range of individual learner, employer, family and community needs across all parts of the city.
  • Engages with hard-to-reach learners.
  • Can maintain a balanced and wide-ranging high quality programme offer.
  • Can respond rapidly to local, regional and national initiatives.
  • Engage with other good local providers of adult and community learning.

2.2 A strong emphasis is placed on improving the quality of teaching and learning through the application of the Quality Framework, with sub-contractors, and our approach to this is set out in our guidance for sub-contractors.

2.3 BAES pays a set amount for each learner following a Community Learning (usually non-qualification) course, which is advised in the further competition documents. Of the total funding drawn down by AEB (usually qualification) programmes, fifteen per cent (15%) is retained by BAES to cover management costs. Management costs include staffing, overheads, MIS, administration, meetings and the support of the Contract Managers and the Quality and Performance Manager. AEB invoice values will be created via a ILR reconciliation exercise undertaken by BAES. A schedule of payments is established according to the nature of the sub-contract. In all cases enrolment forms will be checked for learner eligibility before payment is made.

    2.4 In return for the charge, providers receive the following support, guidance and challenge -
  • A named contract manager as first point of contact who will respond promptly to any queries and monitor the contract throughout the year.
  • Reports from class visits, Joint Lesson Observations and Observations of Learning, Teaching and Assessment.
  • Regular contract monitoring meetings where provider performance against contract and the quality of delivery against the Quality Framework are discussed and action plans for improvement agreed.
  • Electronic contract monitoring and data reports sent to Providers.
  • Network meetings where best practice is shared and providers can raise issues for discussion/clarification.
  • Provider updates to ensure Providers are kept informed of developments.
  • Bespoke staff development as and when appropriate.
  • Business support team processing of paperwork, invoices, regular finance payments and inputting of data.

BAES Subcontracting Guidance Document

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Academic Year 2014/15

The BEST Network


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