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100s of new learning opportunities starting in June and July!

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Adult Education has the power to change lives

Learning new skills should not be something we have just one opportunity to achieve during our schooldays.

At Birmingham Adult Education Service (BAES) we believe that learning is a lifelong journey - it is never too late to learn something new. When the time is right for you to develop new skills to achieve your personal goals or pursue a new career we are here to help.

The last few years have given us all the time to reflect and re-evaluate goals and aspirations for ourselves and our families. Many of us now have a desire to do things differently in both our work and everyday lives. Joining an adult education course will help empower you to make these changes happen.

Our new curriculum offer for this academic year provides choices for everyone, with innovative courses to help those from all communities get back into education and achieve their goals. There is plenty for you to choose from and we hope our courses will inspire you to build a brighter future.

Learning can be exciting, can help build confidence, help you make new friends and, most importantly, can be fun. Research also shows that taking up learning later in life has a positive effect on health and well-being. Enrol onto a course today and let learning be the catalyst to a new future for you, your family, or community!

Take a look inside our new course brochure and decide what you are going to learn next.

Joining a course

Bookings for initial assessments and enrolments have now started. Get in touch to find out more about our courses by emailing or calling our Information Line on 0121 303 4318.

IIgun Yusuf
Acting Assistant Director - Skills & Employability

What our volunteers say...


“Volunteering is an enriching way of giving back to the community. We can make things better for people and places by sharing our time, abilities and life experiences.

Volunteering is rewarding in so many ways. Helping people gives a sense of achievement that is immeasurable. Being around new people from different cultures and background is a shortcut to meeting the world. You can make new friends. You can challenge yourself to grow and develop confidence with new people and situations. You can learn about the world of work and develop skills to help you at work. You can learn about new careers. When you put a little bit of your spare time to volunteering, it can take you so far.

I am very proud of my volunteering work with BAES because it’s a privilege to be able to help people to make positive changes in their life. I volunteer with BAES because I enjoy helping people to learn. I am challenging myself to develop new skills whilst gaining insight into education work. The learners, volunteers and staff are great role models: I’m always inspired by their resilience, perseverance and spirit.”


"Having lost my job due to health challenges I knew this was in fact an opportunity for me to utilise my time and do something I had wanted to get into for years - volunteering.

I started off with community-based volunteering such as local events, football coaching and the Birmingham Half Marathon. I moved on from those and have recently got into voluntary work with BAES and at a local homeless shelter.

I volunteer because I think too many of us put our power in other people’s hands expecting them to do something, such as politicians when in fact we can start to make change immediately without having to put the responsibility on anyone else. I love meeting new people and the challenges every voluntary position offers is fun and exciting too.

To me volunteering is the lifeblood of any successful community as people giving their time for the greater good and not wishing for anything in return is something we should be encouraging far more than we currently do."


"Since volunteering with BAES I have met many really lovely people - staff and students alike. In my experience the teachers really care about their students and in return the students are committed and eager to learn.

During the last year whilst volunteering in 2 ESOL classes I have met learners from all parts of the globe; for example, from Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, Brazil, Thailand, India, Pakistan ...the list goes on!

I think it's wonderful that people from so many different countries and cultures can enjoy working together and learning from each other. Also, their dedication to learning English, with all that entails, (a new alphabet probably, the formation of the letters, learning difficult English spellings and pronunciations etc…) fills me with admiration.

Sometimes people bring in food to share, or talk about their families and show photos, which can make the classes quite a sociable event. I find that as a volunteer you have a lot to learn from the students, at the same time as you are helping them with their learning. In fact, it's a two-way street and a great one to travel down!"

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