Green Living 

Eating Green, Buying Green

Duration: 6 weeks or workshop.

Content: This course aims to explore the key themes of food and sustainability and equip learners to think critically about these topics. Learners will   

  • investigate Fairtrade and its pros and cons (e.g. the coffee industry)
  • investigate organic food and it’s pros and cons
  • learn about genetically modified foods
  • research the carbon footprint and its impact on the environment
  • develop strategies to eat savvy
  • develop strategies shop savvy

Neighbourhood Care

Duration: 6 weeks or workshop.

Content: This course aims to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to become active citizens in their local community. Learners will learn about

  • neighbourhood schemes
  • litter picking
  • fly tipping and waste removal

Nature Care

Duration: 6 weeks or workshop.

Content: This course aims to allow learners to explore nature facilities and green spaces in their local communities and how they can contribute to them. The course also focuses on the wider topic of nature care including.

  • deforestation and reforestation, incl. tree planting
  • green transport
  • wildlife

Upcycling and Recycling

Duration: 6 weeks or workshop.

Content: This course enables learners to explore the negative impact of landfills and waste disposal and explore creative and innovative ways to recycle and upcycle. Learners will

  • learn about landfills and waste disposal
  • learn about recycling and upcycling initiatives in their local community
  • develop ways to upcycle and recycle

All About Energy

Duration: 6 weeks or workshop.

Content: This course explores and investigates the topic of energy, its uses and how it impacts on the earth. Learners will learn about

  • forms of energy; benefits and dangers
  • climate change
  • saving energy

Green Living Champions (Workshops)

Duration: 2 hour workshop.

Content: Give learners the opportunities to use the knowledge they have acquired and apply it to their local communities. Learners will

  • take part in researching and project planning on their chosen topic from the Green Living package
  • have the opportunity to deliver workshops on their topic (volunteering)

Course requirements

Learners will need access to a tablet/laptop/smartphone or PC. They will also need an email address and access to the internet.

What could these courses lead to?

On completion of these courses all learners will receive a certificate of achievement. At the end of the course, we will provide information about other learning opportunities and courses for adults to join in the local area.

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