Healthy Living 

Healthy Eating

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to raise awareness of healthy eating by providing learners with factual information and strategies to enable them to make informed choices around healthy eating. 

Learners will be taught how to  

  • make healthy food choices
  • identify the different food groups and explore how to put together a well-balanced diet
  • make healthy snacks, school meals and home cooked dinners

Taste the World

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to raise awareness of foods from all over the world. It will give learners the opportunity to make and taste new foods as well as learn about the different cultures.

Learners will

  • explore and cook foods from different parts of the world
  • learn facts about the foods and their culinary cultures

Out and About

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to give learners an opportunity to learn and explore different parts of Birmingham by foot.

Learners will be taught how to

  • research areas of interest to visit
  • locate and visit popular attractions in Birmingham

Waste Not, Want Not

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course aims to raise awareness of how to be more sustainable with food and use a practical approach to reduce waste.

Learners will be taught how to

  • understand their own food waste behavior
  • strategies needed to reduce food waste
  • money saving skills when shopping for food

Sow and Grow

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course will give learners the skills to grow and care herbs, plants and vegetables.

Learners will learn how to

  • grow their own food
  • make healthy food choices
  • be safe while working in the garden

Healthy Living Champions (Workshops)

These workshops aims to develop skills and empower learners who have completed the Healthy Learning package, to be active citizens and advocates of Healthy Living within their local community

Course requirements

Learners will need access to a tablet/laptop/smartphone or PC. They will also need an email address and access to the internet.

What could these courses lead to?

On completion of these courses all learners will receive a certificate of achievement and it could lead to further accredited qualifications such as Entry 3 to Level 2 Ascentis Award in Healthy Living.

At the end of the course, we will provide information about other learning opportunities and courses for adults to join in the local area.

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