Life in the UK

Introduction to Life in the UK

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course / workshop aims to develop a better understanding of key aspects of living and working in the UK and British society. It will enable learners to function and progress at work and integrate into society, independently. 

Learners will be explore and learn about:

  • how to be a good active citizen of the UK
  • the democratic process, the political system, the education system and the NHS. and the formation and role of a government in the UK
  • how to access services and resources that are available to U.K citizens
  • their rights, entitlements and responsibilities
  • good social etiquettes in British society

British Values

Duration: This course is 6 weeks long.

Content: This course/workshop aims to develop and improve learners’ understanding of Safeguarding, British Values and Equality & Diversity in the UK. Learners will explore and learn about:

  • the different types of abuse that take place in society and how to identify it
  • vulnerable people
  • the four core British values of British society and its importance
  • equality, diversity, identity and human rights.
  • how to respect others, celebrate diversity and recognise prejudice and discrimination
  • how to  tackle stereotypes to strengthen relationships within the community 

Seasonal & Cultural Workshops

Duration: Workshop lasts for 2 hours.

Content: This workshop aims to raise awareness of well-known seasonal and cultural events & festivals that take place in the UK.

Learners will explore and learn about:

  • the different types of cultural seasonal events in the UK
  • learners will engage in crafts activities relating to the season or cultural event
  • the workshops will bring people from all walks of life together from different backgrounds
  • promotes community cohesion and inclusivity

Course requirements

Learners will need access to a tablet/laptop/smartphone or PC. They will also need an email address and access to the internet.

What could these courses lead to?

On completion of these courses all learners will receive a certificate of achievement. At the end of the course, we will provide information about other learning opportunities and courses for adults to join in the local area.

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