Acoustic Guitar - Beginners

Learning aspects – Key Skills / Techniques / Outcomes  

Subject techniques: This course will teach you the basic mechanics and workings of the guitar. You will learn basic chords and melodies which will enable you to accompany some well-known tunes.

Tools/ equipment: Acoustic Guitar. A computer, laptop or phone that is up to date enough that it can run Bandlab, Reaper or Audacity software,  

Research + enrichment: You will play from a range of strummed guitar pieces from artists of diverse backgrounds, and can research your own songs for your final project.  

Project / Product outcome 

Program teaching is delivered through a blend of classroom teaching and online learning, for example:  

  • Tutor demonstrations  
  • Practical activities    
  • Research discussions  

You will be expected to work independently and engage in group tasks in order to develop your skills and knowledge. The course covers a range of techniques, skills, sustainability and awareness of employment other opportunities in the subject. During this course you will:

  • Exploring the mechanics and construction of the guitar.
  • Practise playing set tasks independently, in pairs and whole group.
  • By producing a small workbook you can refer to when practicing.
  • By recording yourself and others playing and evaluating performances.

On completion of this course you will be able to: 

  • Read basic chord sequences from tablature (diagrams).
  • Tune a guitar.
  • Hold a guitar correctly and safely
  • Play basic strumming patterns.
  • Play basic chords and scales.
  • Play solo and as part of a group.


This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of playing an acoustic guitar using tablature (diagrams). You won’t need experience of playing a guitar or of reading music for this course. The course involves a small amount of reading and numerical sequences, so you will need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills. You will have a short initial assessment at the start of the course to ensure that it is suitable for you. Basic experience with a computer is desirable – such as importing / exporting and saving files to an app or program.  

Course length  

Course lengths vary. Please check the BAES web site  BAES Learning Directory, visit or telephone one of our adult learning centres for details of dates and start times.   

Next steps  

This course could lead to a course in playing acoustic guitar at Intermediate level.

Your responsibilities as a learner on this course  

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your course you will need to attend all sessions, be punctual and bring the correct materials to each session. A commitment to working independently outside the classroom is required.  To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your course you will need to attend all sessions, be punctual, and bring your guitar to each session.

Important information

You will need to bring your own acoustic 6 string guitar (strung for right handed, or left handed players as appropriate). If you are unsure about where to purchase, your tutor will advise you at the enrolment session.

Costs – Additional to course fees  

You will need your own guitar / PC / laptop / phone.

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